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Keep It Simple

I've been particularly interested in the 'what' and 'why' that makes it possible for ideas and business proposals to be accepted. I've tried different ideas and strategies in hopes of finding the right mix that'd make it smoother for my ideas to be accepted by right...

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How to Build the Website of your Dreams!

So Finally... I launched my business. I am super excited about the future. Everyone is happy for me (or so I think)- they are all smiles. I have printed my business cards some fliers and started talking to businesses and potential clients. Hmm...they seem interested...

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why A Business Plan

Making Good Use Of The Right Technology Have you ever done things before without a pre-set plan in place? Well many of us definitely have. When it comes to business is there a need for a business plan? “I don’t have one” was Carl Icahn’s (A renowned business man)...

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Canva- Graphic Design on Steroids!

Canva is arguably the smartest graphics design web app on the planet. Its simplicity and sleekness makes it invaluable to the entrepreneur who needs to get the job done quick and smart.

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The Ultimate Online Business Blueprint

How to Start, Grow and Profit from an Online Business in Nigeria. Business! Do you run an offline business? Have you recently been nursing the desire to take your business offline? Are you uncertain of how to begin? READ ON… Running a business online has it’s...

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The Day I Started Listening to the Market

 5 years ago, we’d start a project and believe that it will be profitable no matter how long it takes. Well we’re certainly older now and have gotten enough experience to realize that that approach is a highway to disillusion.You see, in an ever dynamic world and...

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