One skill that many entrepreneurs and small businesses struggle with daily is how to create graphics that do justice to their brands especially with their little or absent graphics skills. So it was with great applause that canva was welcome to the online community. The web-app has gone ahead to be invaluable to many businesses including me myself.

I especially love the canva app for its speed of turn-around. I literally create my designs in under 10 minutes and they are ready to serve. This is something that’d typically take me perhaps 30 minutes to an hour in traditional stand alone apps.

Now canva has a mobile app which is so brilliant. The accompanying image was designed right from my mobile phone. Interestingly I have somehow forgotten I have other traditional apps I use. 

Canva is not the only webapp that creates graphics. I tried my hands on CTDesign another mobile app that create cool graphics. The learning curve however may not be palatable for most users- it does have cool features though – however not as amazing as canva. I must be objective here. Canva is awesome!

If you have yet to check it out, do so. I endorse fully.

Especially with the rise of instagram and the massive appeal of images, there has never been a better time to create eye popping graphics that project your brand to the right audience in an appealing form. My handle has literally gotten more engagement because I can now design and post on the go without having to think about when I can get on my PC to plan, think and design a graphic.

I hope you take advantage of this super cool tool and utilize it in your business going forward.