5 years ago, we’d start a project and believe that it will be profitable no matter how long it takes. Well we’re certainly older now and have gotten enough experience to realize that that approach is a highway to disillusion.You see, in an ever dynamic world and economy as ours, trends are always changing. And with such change comes changes in customer habits and loyalty, including their money.

Many businesses set the wrong targets. ‘if we make 10 million, we’ll be happy’, is the approach. This is why great businesses of 10+ years ago and a shadow of themselves today. Because they settled. There was no reason to keep moving.

Don’t get comfortable!

Here’s how this affects you…

So you can start up a business based on what you think will work, or you can observe where the trends are headed and strategically adjust your sails.

It’s the reason Microsoft still remain a thriving business; they are a major player now in artificial intelligence. Apple isn’t doing quite as well judging by their seeming silence of recent.

Your business can and will only thrive when you adopt a growth approach.
Don’t get comfortable.

It’s up to you to make your dream a reality.


Bots are Here!

2013, I created my first video tutorial. Oh the joy, the excitement, the dreams… I could not fail, I was certain. 12+ months, plenty fliers, posters, 50+ DVD down the road, reality set it. The feedback I was getting was all wrong- the market wasn’t ready. Frustration (for lack of a more graphic term) describes my state then.

I couldn’t help questioning what the hell was wrong with people for not getting it. The strategy was straight forward after all.

I would soon learn in 2015 that the market wasn’t ready and I needed to put that plan on hold. I needed to focus on what the market needed present and provide the solutions. And provide I did.

Today my company provides services I never thought we would dare attempt and we’re getting paid for it.

Here’s the part that concerns you….

If you’ve been attentive enough, you’d have heard of some buzz words bouncing here and there- online course creation, websites, online businesses, bots… Are you doing something about them or are you just a bystander stubbornly holding on to that plan/dream that’s make you no kobo/ cent since it’s inception 1 year ago?

Bots are officially a Big deal.

You may probably have observed (or not) that artificial intelligence has dominated the rhetoric of most online leaders, and for good reason.

  1. Bots make customer engagement with your page amazingly seamless- Based on the tests we’ve been running in the past week, we have seen tremendous feedback from our messenger Bots than from our tradition message feature which before now had really thin results.
  2. Bot give a new meaning to Virtual Assistance- With bots, the wait-time visitors to your page usually face is a non-factor as bots instantly reply messages as they come. Take a look at our message responsive status- you’d see that we are very responsive (1-mins response time). That’s crazy fast. Imagine a potential client wanting to make a quick purchase- would he/she rather wait for x-time before getting a response or would they go with the brand that responds instantly?

Click here to check out our bot.


Don’t tell me you are still working the kinks, you’re waiting for the perfect time, you need money to start. (looking at you with my side eye)

The market changes every time and in a moments notice. Don’t do yourself the disservice of waiting until it all comes crashing down before you switch gears (remember MMM).

In the coming months, a lot will happen to change how businesses connect and are delivered across Nigeria and the world. Are you adjusting your sails accordingly?

Well as for me and my household, we shall listen and keep listening to the market and will never be sentimental about our product offering we initiate.

It is up to you to make your dream come true. Start Listening!


Side note: Would you like to learn how to create a bot, or would like to learn how to create yours? Drop a comment below or send us a mail.

Check out our Bot HERE