I’ve been particularly interested in the ‘what’ and ‘why’ that makes it possible for ideas and business proposals to be accepted. I’ve tried different ideas and strategies in hopes of finding the right mix that’d make it smoother for my ideas to be accepted by right audience.

I believe strongly that behind every idea and pursuit is a potential for a global phenomenon, given the right circumstances of course.


Many ideas I’ve come up with have hit one too many brick walls – eg

  • ‘It’s not practical to the target market’
  •  ‘It’s numbers don’t add up’
  • ‘The idea is plain sack’
  •  ‘No one will fund this’

(You can add to the list here)

It absolutely sucks to be in this position where you believed deep down that that idea was going to be revolutionary but get shut down when you bring it up to a potential client or investor.

Over time, this is what I’ve learnt:

Irrespective of our backgrounds, we all want it SIMPLE.

Think about that for a sec.

When we listen to ideas, we are only moved by it’s simplicity regardless of our exposure and experience. It is the simplest form of an idea that makes prospects and investors feel connected to that business idea, proposal and concept you bring them.

The slight wrinkle however is that ‘simple’ is subjective. Their SIMPLE might be your HARD and vice versa.

It’s why some of us still find it hard to figure out the place of some technologies in our businesses or our grand plans. At least for now we don’t see the clear picture yet.

It’s also why no matter how sweet your offer is, no body seems to give a damn.


To keep your idea simple, you must understand what your prospect cares about the most and prepare your idea strictly for that problem.

Now I’m not saying it is something you will figure out right of the bat. You might have to dig a little deeper to find this one because contrary to popular opinion, you won’t really get this stuff from Google. I mean, you might get a little. But you see that thing that a guy and and girl attempt to build before they tie the knot? You should be doing it to.

Imagine walking up to a guy or babe you’d like to date and then you start rambling about how their life will suck without you in it? 😮😮😮

You know how the story will end before beginning right?

Keep it simple.

  1. Connect with them
  2. Genuinely care about them
  3. Look out for their interests
  4. Show in clear terms how a solution will impact their business as clearly as you can.

(Add your own)

Little by little, they will share their deepest concerns with you and most likely request your assistance.

hmm… I wonder who you know that is doing just that and have reaped huge rewards as a result? 😎


Clearly your results depend solely on how easily you, your idea and/ product gets received or perceived by your audience. Sadly, you can’t separate the trio.

If your idea gets across to your prospect or lead as too difficult, strange, unexciting, scary, boring, people get turned off. If you think about it, it’s probably happening to you already. You just have to keep it simple.

*Are you with me?*

Here’s the point

It is in keeping your ideas simple that your prospects will engage with your copy and content leading to possible sales and future transactions.

When you think about it, isn’t this what makes for successful online courses, facebook ads, converting landing pages and successful businesses?

You can write 10 pages of an ad copy and it will flunk if the idea is not simple enough for your target audience.

Let me let you in on a little secret.

We are all wired to resist the difficult to understand. It’s why many of us still shut down whenever we see maths equations. It’s the same reason why many business ideas seems to fall on deaf ears irrespective of how brilliant and foolproof they are. Many of your clients are at this state right now, thanks to the millions of opinions out there.


Your keeping it simple may require just a change in how you deliver your content or product.

Your keeping it simple may take some extra time for you to figure out the simplest form of your idea.

But, that slight change in your overall strategy could be the magic wand you have been missing all along that’ll score you great sales and huge clientele.

I would love to hear your thoughts.