The Techless To Techie

Master Class

Date: December 15, 2018

The Only Training you’ll need to arm yourself with the A-Zs of the Technologies you should really care about and position your business for an unfair advantage in 2019!

Okay, so ideally I am supposed to bore you with a really lengthy cliche sales copy that will eventually lead to a buy button. I’ll rather do you one better. How about I just go straight to the point and if you really have the problem I am looking to help you solve, you sign up? Cool right!

Here it goes…

Technology– it’s one tool that’s a great enabler and yet multifaceted, complex and for some a plain mystery. If used effectively, your business can be transformed in a great way. If used wrongly, you’d end up with more trouble in your hands than bargained. And here is where many entrepreneurs find themselves with lost customers, inefficient systems and little hope in sight.

If the above just described your current predicament, then the Techless to Techie MasterClass has been designed just for you.

I have learnt over the years that when it comes to merging technology with your business, there are a number of challenges you have to contend with every day consciously or subconsciously. They include a lack of education about available technology options, the problem of deciding which technology to plugin/ implement and at which point in time, the step by step process of piecing/ integrate the technologies together so they can boost productivity and finally how to protect the technology system in play to prevent unwanted/ harmful results.

When you think about, these are really the main barriers to your leveraging technology and hence your ‘Techless’ status.

How about we change that status to ‘Techie’? You’d love that right?

There comes a time when we have little choice but to agree that for you to get to where you know you deserve to be, you have got to be willing to do whatever it takes… in this case, learn and leverage the right technologies. This realization is called the growth mindset.

Gilead Ogbonna


In This MasterClass, You Will Learn

How to implement

the Perfect Technology Plan for your business in 2019 with the valid KPIs that’ll guarantee that the goals you set are met.

Free and low cost

tools that will help you design and launch your own stunning and converting website in 72 hours! Say ‘Goodbye’ to FUGLY websites.


  • Get 3 select Premium Templates for Free valued at $150.
  • 30-day Free one on one Consultation


That’s it!

It’s your call now. Yay or Nay


Gilead Ogbonna

Online Business Strategist, Founder, geeroute systems.

Hi, my name is Gilead Ogbonna and I am a high functioning online business strategist and solutionist. I am the founder of geeroute systems a tech company focused on helping businesses transition from obscurity to the limelight using relevant technologies.

With over 10 years in the ICT industry, I have collectively trained over 1000 students from secondary school, up to PhD level allowing him to demonstrate his flare for transferring knowledge to everyone he encounters, leaving them fully equipped technologically. That would mean that I look older than my age or the guy on the picture is my image from before…hehehe.

I have worked with clients across Nigeria, South Africa, the US and the UK where my team and I provide web related services for our clients.

I am passionate about technology and has as my personal mission statement – ‘I know how to get the answers’.

I am also the founder of Techless to Techie Community, a facebook group that helps non techie entrepreneurs seek and find solutions to their tech problems.


Webinar Fee

N10,000 for payments made on or before Tuesday, 11th December, 2018