Bots are one of the most celebrated trends in the technology and business world today, in order for your business to be successful you don’t need to waste money on chat support service and agents. You will be able to solve consumers  problems with a few click, they will come to a solution. Does not matter what type of business you own. Here is all you need to know about:

  • What bots are,
  • Different type of chat bots.
  • How bots can help your business.

What is a bot?

Image of a chat not.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Buffer
  • LinkedIn

You can call bots “web robots” because they are personal, intelligent applications that can automate tasks that you would normally do on your own. In other word, it is a software that responds to questions in a natural language.

Different type of chat-bots Platforms.

  •  Virtual Agents
  • Chatter bots.
  • Knowledge bots
  • Twitter-bot
  • Al-bots
  • chat-fuel bot

Most chat-bot are now web based. But there are also chat bots that run on IRC, Twitter, email, Skype, ICQ, IM Second life and a growing number of Android, ios and mobile chat bots.

How Bots can help your Business

  • Chat-bots can be used for business to help brand managers to provide consumer service or promote products
  • Chat-bots can deliver personalized content to your clients and help generate revenue directly through your social media platforms.
  • Chat-bot users can contact brands at any time of the day and always receive a personalized response thus minimizing the amount of time spent solving an issue or researching a product.
  • Chat-bots can allow users to browse, view and purchase services and products from the comfort of their messenger application where they can access from virtually anywhere with an internet connection, consumers can view brand products, read reviews, compare prices and purchase items directly through their Facebook messenger application.
  •  Unlike humans, a bot will be available through out to accept and respond to your customer’s queries. Thus customers feel as if someone is always there and their needs are being considered. They are always available to carry out simple tasks and answer simple questions
  • Chat-bots can gather and store your customer’s preferences and later personalize that interaction going forward. To think of it, it is much more efficient than an agent having to look through profile and past booking history in a CRM.

People will be able to solve their problem themselves with just a few clicks they will come to a solution. It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, you can contact us to build a professional chat bot for your business.

Chatbots are looking to become the first line through which businesses begin to implement artificial intelligence in their processes. Your business should not be left behind. More changes will take place in the coming weeks and months- only businesses and brands that have been well positioned will be able to win big.


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