There are a few things that make any website likeable and bring in sales beyond the fact that it belongs to you.

I’ve seen quite a lot of ‘visit our website’ lately, and often, the only interesting stat is that the website is yours.
That’s all.
… and that, my friend is the mistake many professionals and businesses keep making repeatedly (I used to make this mistake too).
The problem with that approach is that while the intent is to put yourself and your business out there, you inadvertently position your website as an ‘online signboard’; basically an advertorial, little/ no context.
We already know that the goal of a website is to get people familiar with your business, brand and/ product.
So how come most of your websites are doing the exact opposite?
And you really expect returns? E go hard o.
Okay, ‘so what should I do now, unku‘, you may ask.
Answer; show your visitors around your website methodically and get them to take an action on your website that increases your bottom line.
Here’s what I mean-
Your goal is to make money, right?
– What are he steps you can walk your visitor through that will give them a really high chance at the results they seek?
– Where does your website fall in that list of steps your potential clients are going to take once they encounter your business?
Are you seeing where I’m going with this?
It’s not enough to just design a website with homepage, about page, contact page and expect results, you see.
If your desire is to have them sign up for your services, is there a quick one page guide you can create and gift them for visiting your website?
Is there a free tool you can give them to help them achieve something basic at their business before they can have confidence enough to work with you?
Your answer to those questions will help you know if your website is designed to help your business grow or not.
This concept is referred to as, ‘having a value ladder’.
To put this in better perspective, when a visitor visits your website, what have you set in pace for them to do or encounter that gets them to :-
1. know you
2. Like you
3. Trust you
4 Tell their friends about you
If you can answer these questions, then you are on the right track and well on your way to tremendous growth.
If you can’t, the you definitely need a website growth strategy.
And that’s where I come in
Once every month, this year, I will be freeing up some time to help you develop a bulletproof website growth strategy.
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Wouldn’t it would be cool to be able to own a website strategy that works for your business/ service?
During the session, I will look at your website and help you analyze where you are and what you can do to 10x your results.
2021 is not the year to keep shooting blanks in hopes that somehow, something will happen.
You need a plan, a great one at that to make everything make sense.
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© Gilead Ogbonna