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There are 2 ways to build a website

1 way is to write code in HTML, CSS, PHP, JS and any of the many programming languages. The Second way, my preference is to build a website without needing to write code because, well writing code can be boring and, quite frankly a pain in the neck, literally.

Have you recently contacted a website designer for a quote on how much it will cost to build you a website? How cheap was the fee? It was quite pricey right? That is one big challenge confronting small and medium sized businesses today – having to compete with big businesses and their fat purses with your meagre funds and no guarantees. I’ve been there, and it is not a pleasant experience.

It is no longer news that in this day and age, we need a website to fully tap into the global market, stand out and potentially make some profit in the process. The problem however is that the cost of owning a functional and yet appealing website is quite steep… Until now.

For the very first time, I will be lifting up the curtain and revealing to your my codeless website design methods that allows me consistently design websites that are not fugly. Let’s face it, some of you who have attempted designing your own websites in the past came up with embarrassing websites that you just can’t show to anyone.

We will change that in a bit.

On january 27th-29th, 2020, I will teach you how to design your own stunning website without writing a line of code

I want to teach you in the simplest of terms- 

  • The first things you must have on hand before embarking on any website design project.
  • The number 1 rule to consistently designing stunning websites!
  • The best plugins every website must have
  • The role of a blog in websites and SEO
  • How to convert your website to a selling machine
  • Strategies to protect your website from hackers and spammers.

This is the only masterclass you need to get your stunning diy website up and running in less than a week!

Hi. My name is Gilead, but you can call me the Tech Coach!

With more than a decade long experience in technology, I have increasingly been keen on finding the quickest ways to get things done in my business and those of my clients.

I designed my first website without writing code in 2015 and since then, I’ve not looked back. I have worked with clients in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Nigeria. In total, I have designed more than 30 websites without writing a piece of code (who’s counting?) and in all, one thing stands out; our clients got results faster than traditional coding could bring them.

Don’t get me wrong, coding is great! You can accomplish just about anything with it, if you know which language and syntax to use. But I am focusing on you entrepreneurs who would rather get your website up and running speedily and with as little stress as possible.

 If that is you, then sign up. 

How it works

Designing a website without coding is made possible with the help of software programs called Content Management Systems (CMS). These softwares employ a drag and drop structure to design. I will show you how to use WordPress because, well 38% of the web runs on wordpress. Meaning, if you know your way around, there are no limits to what you can do.

In the Master Class I will show you my design framework which I have determined is similar to a building project. It is this framework that I use to quickly design websites because I know precisely what fits where and when. You will learn how to deploy my framework in your design process as well and come out as a master designer.

You will be amazed at how simple it is to deploy a beautiful website you can be proud of.

There is a wide difference between a fugly website and a stunning website. I hate fugly, as should you.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Geeroute did an amazing job on our website. Highly skilled with great communication and had a quick turn around. They listened to our brief and improved upon it.

Andrew Merritt, Co-founder @ Lynnes Natural Treats, Austrialia

Gilead and his team are very professional, knowledgeable on website designs & technology and very pleasant to work with. Their turn around is pretty fast and they are available to answer techie questions and provide support as required.

Detola Amure, Founder @ Super Working Mum

Masterclass Details


This is going to be a virtual class and interactive Masterclass. Meaning that while it will hold online, you will have to be available to participate during the class discussions and have any questions addressed. Although, you will always have access to the recordings, I strongly recommend that you show up. Click the register button below to make payment. Thereafter, fill the registration form to confirm your seat.